MODx Design & Development Over 10 Years of MODX Experience

We've been MODXers since before there was a MODX CMS (Etomite anybody?). Since 2006, we've been helping push MODX into new areas – contributing code and examples back into the MODx Developer community.

Most of our web development projects are in MODX these days. We love working with the MODX community on the forums, Slack Channel, ContentBlocks and other MODX Extras that make it truly one of the best kept secrets in the CMS world.

MODX Website Designs

A regional common interest group that helps advocate for sustainable biofuels.

Pine Technical College

One of our first college and University websites, it's proven solid and reliable for over 10 years

Professional Roofers

A long time customer gets a well deserved and needed website upgrade.

More MODX Website Designs

MODX Design & Development Expertise


We've been using ContentBlocks from our friends at modMore for years and love it. Every website we build uses it and it comes at no extra cost to you! We've developed a common set of blocks that are consistent across all our sites that gives you the power to develop unique content and layouts like never before. Fun fact: this site is built using it.

Learn more about ContentBlocks See all input types and a live demo

Search Optimization

From the ground up, we build our websites to perform well in search. We are doing things other off the shelf CMS systems (Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, you name it) can only dream of. Our sites consistently outperform the competition, we'd love to help you on your next project.

MODX Performance

We take performance very seriously, at every point in development we run performance tests making sure your next MODX project is as fast as it can be. leveraging caching where possible, minifying everything we can and more.

Looking Forward

We're always testing new MODX Extras, alpha and beta versions of the core MODX CMS as they come out. Every website we build takes advantage of the best that MODX has to offer at the time we start.


As MODX has grown, security considerations continue to evolve. We do everything we can to keep our MODX websites secure. Like the saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Manager Customization

We don't just design the front end of the website, we take care on the backend manager as well. Keeping the site updated should be simple clear and easy. You'll love using our MODX websites.