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Minneapolis Website Design Services

Here are some of our favorite and recent web design projects, we've done everything from small local service providers to large multi-national companies and universities.

St. Catherine University

St. Catherine University was looking for more control over content creation to empower their editors. We helped design a system with MODX and ContentBlocks to do just that.

North Star Imaging

North Star Imaging is a continually growing multinational company we've been able to work with for over 10 years.

Southview Design

A premiere minneapolis landscape design company needed an updated web presence, we created a unique solution that gets results.

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Search Engine Optimization

Get Ranked. Get Visitors. Drive Your Business.

We've been helping websites rank higher from day one. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it. More of our clients need to spend less and less on paid advertising because our sites drive traffic organically.

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Your Local Print & Graphic Design Experts

Crazy Fresh Brochure

We worked with Russ Davis Wholesale to create stunning brochure design for their new line of fresh fruits called Crazy Fresh

Metro Van Postcard

Metro Van needed a postcard to promote their refrigerated transport business. We needed to quickly show what they do and where they do it.

H&H Contractors Postcard

A local Landscaping company sent this postcard out to past customers encouraging them to do more projects or refer a friend.

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Broker pricing on print jobs with design

We charge for design, not printing, that why with any print job you may have including: Business Cards, Post Cards, Flyers, and Brochures you get our broker pricing, up to a 30% value over any other print shop.

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Your website speed is impacting your bottom line , here are a few ways to improve it through browser caching, asynchronous loading of resources and other tips and tricks.

The Status of Liquid Web Cloud Sites Formerly of Rackspace in 2018

We've been a cloudsites customer since our inception, it's had ups and downs, here is what we think about it now.

OG Image Branding with phpThumb and MODX

Some of our clients have wanted to make sure their logo and branding appear in facebook, twitter, or messaging apps when shared. We came up with a clever solution.

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