Fidelis Co

Fidelis Co

Looking for More Adventure

Fidelis Co is a fun, yet minimalistic, website for selling products specially selected for their superior performance and craftsmanship. For example, a giant bar of soap fit for Marine soldiers, or a notebook and pencil that can be used in the rain.

Charting a Course

The goals starting out were pretty simple – a clean, elegant look with complimenting functionality. We worked with Tim over a few weeks looking at other websites for inspiration as well is our own ideas.  We came up with a few mockups and ultimately chose one that is very similar to the production design.   During development, our technical lead Isaac really worked his magic on the interactive animations and other subtleties.

This type of design is challenging because every pixel counts, there are no texture or gradients to hide behind, just simple proportions, solids, images and text to work our magic. We really like how it turned out, and we've got our eye on a few of their products for ourselves.

The Journey Has Just Begun

Fidelis Co is continuing to gain traction in traffic and ranking, which is typical for any website we do the SEO for.  What separates this project from many others is that they put central focus on quality, and very little on being competitive on price. So much of the internet is focused on delivering mediocre products at lower and lower prices. The road won't always be easy, the path not always clear, but we beleive this website will continue to be successful.