Blaine Kennels Gun Dog Training

Blaine Kennels Gun Dog Training

Tired of Barking up the Wrong Tree

Blaine Kennels (oddly enough, located in Blaine, MN) had few websites variations before with the help of friends and family, but were ultimatly lacking in the results they needed.  We met with them in the spring of 2012, talked dogs, hunting and some website ideas.

On the Scent

We came up with a simple plan that was within thier budget and made sense for everyone.  We started with some simple logo work – nothing too involved, just a good foundation to build on that could be easily adapted to other parts of thier dog kennel business.

Next, we started on a simple mockup that got us about 60-70% to a final design. We jumped right into the CMS, markup and css to get a development site up quickly.  Dale gave it a once over, nodded with approval, and a we rolled out a few tweaks then took her live.

Below is a graph showing how traffic has increased since launch.

Blaine Kennels Gun Dog Training Analytics

Giving the Dog a Bone

Within weeks, we heard reports of ringing phones and kennels filling up with dogs waiting to be trained. We continue to check in with Dale and his staff to address ongoing ideas and website improvements, and every time we hear reports of higher-than-average new numbers of customers.