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$0 Monthly

Tell Us About The Website

This provides a good base to build on. Site and link structure, authentication frameworks and so on.

Includes design and development time for the desktop and mobile views of your website.

Post articles, news, whatever you like. Archives, Tags, Comments and more!

Bios for staff, or other people you like.... or don't.

Want to collect information from users? Maybe something like what you're using now?

This helps you rank higher for the key search terms that matter most, but we only do it once.

Have photo galleries on pages, or all on thier own.

Sell products or services with services like Paypal or Google Check Out with little user managment. (no SSL)

Sell products or services with tight integration into the website with fullfillment and customer management. (Includes SSL)

If you have an existing site and need content moved over we can do it. This can be highly variable, this is just a good starting estimate.


Hosting of the website, Domain Name, and CMS maintenance.

To stay in the top rankings above your compeditors we'll need to be watching and working on this every month.

  • Monthly Ranking Report
  • Monthly Website Scorecard
  • Quarterly Strategy Sesssion
  • Consulting for continued content growth
  • SEO Related website development as needed.
  • Continued Keyword Research (find the best terms to rank for)
Other Things to Think About

Create new or clean up and modify an old logo.

This covers the first 1000 business cards, after that it's $20/ per 1000ct.

Great photography makes for an even better website. Some new staff photos or product shots could really add that extra touch of awesome.

What About Design?

These prices are all estimates of our time, including design time. For the project as a whole, we'll do a formal creative design process. Each element or feature will have its own design-related tasks that we will roll into the whole project.

Seems Too High Or Too Low?

Chances are this form doesn't have the exact options or features you have in mind. Those sort of things come out in discovery and as part of our design process. Send us your estimate with some more notes and we can shoot you a more realistic number.

This is all just for estimation purposes only, this is not a quote. Each project is different and unique, for a proper quote we'd like to talk through the project with you.

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