Shawn Himmelberger


How did I end up here?

That's a good question. I grew up in the dot-com boom and bust, I've always loved tinkering, taking things apart, sometimes rebuilding (sorry mom about that blender) – so when I discovered the web I was hooked. 

I remember my first web page to this day, hosted on a now defunked service called Fourtune City.  Oh, it was terrible, animated gifs as far as the eye could see, flashing and blinking text... so wrong.  But, I loved building it.  

I grew up in Hibbing, MN and word gets around quickly in a small town, and the word was I could make things on the World Wide Web. I started making a few sites here and there and really enjoyed it. I found myself cutting class to work on them at times – the usual stuff hooligans like me do.

Fast forward a few years and I made the move down to the "cities" as us Rangers call it, and I just never left. I got my start at a few smaller shops working my way up, learning the craft from others and finally the right opprotunity came along to strike it out on my own.  Most. Terrifying. Thing. Ever.  And I'm not sure I could ever go back, I love what I get to do every day.

Whats a problem you're best at solving?

I love to build systems coupled with elegant code and design. I can't stand doing something twice. The thing I've learned is, you and me make mistakes, but systems do exactly what they are told, build it right and things should go smoothly.