Abraham Sewill


First Impression

I claim the unofficial title, “Shawn's lackey #1”. No longer speaking in jest, I am the primary web developer at this fine establishment. This means I create the behind-the-scenes technology, the stuff that works behind the aesthetics.

Some of the languages I work with include PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, and other web-based languages, most of which are interpreted (rather than compiled). Complimentary to the aformentioned technologies, we use frameworks such as CakePHP, jQuery, and others that increase efficiency and contribute to the overall excellence of our production process and the end result.

What's my role?

Much of my work with Himmelberger Design has been in web development – anything from simple standalone scripts or more complex MVC-based projects. I also occasionally help in web design on projects, which is usually more micro than macro in scope.

I specialize in web development/design and computer repair. I dabble in many other things such as 3D modeling/animation, video editing and much more.

Personal Plugs

I am happily married to an excellent professional photographer, Mrs. Jennifer Sewill of JMImage – an MN Photography Company. Weddings and engagement pictures are only a small portion of the services JMImage provides. Check out her site to see her work and what services she offers.