The Return of MODx ajaxSearch with SimpleSearch in Revolution?

You may remember the ajaxSearch snippet from MODx Evolution that allowed a user to search without leaving the page (or regularly if the webmaster preferred). It was a useful search snippet, we at Himmelberger Design were hoping for its return in 

Rackspace Filemanager Workaround

Or how to move around large numbers of small files that are often in a CMS with out loosing your mind.

Effective SEO - It's about playing a game you can win!

More often than not a client will want to go after the most broad and most competitive keyword phrase. Understandably there is a huge market in those broad, highly searched, keryword phrases. However, it's a long and expensive climb to the top.

Apple WWDC Keynote Party

Yes, we're that nerdy here, so why hide it? Stop by around noon for the WWDC Keynote live blogging discussions.

Setting Up and Getting Settled

We're just getting ready to do an initial grassroots marketing push.