Caller – "Hi I'd like to help you update your Google listing"

Heard this before? Yeah me too. at least once a month a nice friendly voice claiming to be from Google calls me wanting help me update my Google listing.

Some thoughts and tips on readable (web) design

Some interesting and useful tips and ideas for readable web design.

Rackspace Cloud | Mosso .htaccess for uploading larger files with PHP

having trouble uploading larger files with the Mosso Cloud host, here is your solution

Task Management Work Flow for Mac Users

Using iCal todos? Things or Omni Focus and looking how other people leverage these apps in a GTD work flow?

Site Redesign: Hardy Stephens Counseling

We helped Hardy and Stephens Counseling Services design a website that better matched the branding they had already established.

New Minneapolis Law Blog Launched

Working on behalf of Bolinske and Bolinske we created this blog to help market their services through search.

Mootools 1.2 Easy Accordion Example

Easy Mootools Accordion example and tutorial, great for non programmer web designer types.

Logo Design: Lone Tree Creative

Doing some logo design work for another creative agency.