Foundation Text Expander Snippets

We've been long time users of Foundation by the amazing folks at Zurb, but when working in a variety of applications we find ourselves typing the same code. This Foundation Text Expander snippet should help.

Email – With great power comes great responsibility

How many times have you received or written a quick email that turned into a stream of (un?)consciousness?

Caller – "Hi I'd like to help you update your Google listing"

Heard this before? Yeah me too. at least once a month a nice friendly voice claiming to be from Google calls me wanting help me update my Google listing.

MODx Plugin for Resource Redirecting

We had a client want to have two methods of accessing a page. The normal long URL was fine, but they also wanted a very short one to use over the phone or in text.

getContext Snippet for MODx Multilingual Site

We've been doing more multiligual sites, and we needed a quick way to output the context (language) we're currently in.

SEO Demystified

What is SEO, and more importantly what is it not?

Photoshop CS4 FavIcon Export Plugin

Stop using websites to generate favicons, do it right from Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 with this export plugin.

Upgrading MODx: Evolution to Revolution

One of the least discussed topics in MODx these days is upgrading from MODx Evolution (0.96+) to Revolution (2.1+). In this blog post I hope to provide a helpful description of one of the tasks in this process: (MySQL) database conversion.

Get YouTube ID from emebed url : MODx Output Filter

Update 4/24/2013 - This is a better solution.

We've been working on a new responsive website for Dan Schleck, a long time client, who needed a new website.   He's been doing more youtube videos and I wanted an easy way to…

Build a Testimonial Widget for MODx using getResources

If you're in business, you know one the best ways to gain trust with your visitor  is to let your happy customers share their experience (hopefully positive).

What we'll need