Foundation Text Expander Snippets

We've been long time users of Foundation by the amazing folks at Zurb, but when working in a variety of applications we find ourselves typing the same code. This Foundation Text Expander snippet should help.

Warning: I didn't build all of the components of Foundation into this snippet pack, just the ones I'm looking up over and over again.  

Snippets Included

  • Rows 1,2 and 3 Columns
  • Block Grids
  • Buttons
  • Nav Bars
  • Side Navs
  • Pagination
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Alerts
  • Labels
  • Tool Tips
  • Link List
  • Table
  • Pricing Table
  • Flex Video
  • And maybe a few more I missed.

You'll be able to see them all when you install.

Why Foundation 3

We still use foundation 3 because it supports IE8.  We still need to support IE8.  It's the world we live in folks.... A sick sick world.


Foundation Text Expander Snippet Pack 

Notes and Attributions

I first hear of Text Expander form the the master of Productivity Merlin Mann,  if you buy Text Expander use this link so him and that jackel Dan Benjamin get some credit.

Also here is Merlin showing how awesome some new features are.


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